In 1982, AQUIDOS was founded by two architects Josep Mª. Gordi i Julià and Jordi Jané. It was established as an architectural and urbanism office, from which they undertook various tasks involved in construction, urban planning and urban work management projects as well as providing other services related to construction.  At the beginning, their activities were centered in Catalonia and many of them in the metropolitan area of Barcelona.Over time, AQUIDOS experienced a big increase in their activities in their most immediate surroundings, the Mediterranean. More complex projects, needing multidisciplinary teams for their development, came to AQUIDOS.In the last few years, AQUIDOS has embarked on an international expansion phase thanks to the realization of several projects in foreign countries, such as China, Algeria, Morocco, Peru and Bolivia. This process has been consolidated through the opening of several international offices. Currently, AQUIDOS is developing architectural and urbanism projects, project management and engineering around the world.

We must highlight the close cooperation between AQUIDOS and the Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya (UPC) in research projects, restoration of architectural patrimony and landscape planning, the main goal being to encourage knowledge and technology transfer in each intervention.

AQUIDOS offers specialized and high quality services, through a dynamic framework of professionals, companies and contributors organized into a network tailored to the specific needs of each client.