The AQUIDOS group has experienced international growth and subsequent expansion in the last few years. In order to reach its current position, AQUIDOS has relied on highest-level professionals in all of its departments. The NETWORK is based on the professionalism, trust, personal approach, pride and effort of all of its members so that they can achieve better than expected results from our clients.

We cooperate internationally, in the countries in which we operate, with various technical teams which contribute to our group with their local knowledge and working tools.

In our professional network, there are also some university teachers who lead investigation research and technological developments in buildings, urban and landscape planning, and the restoration of architectural patrimony.

We pledge to create knowledge and technical networks, as a base on which to develop future projects and generate cultural, social and business enrichment with our contributors. The main way in which these networks will do this is to organize seminars, conferences and workshops concerning different topics. They are aimed at public administration technicians as well as students and university teachers from the countries that we work with.